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About Us

I LOVE helping my clients find their dream property!

I became interested in this business while attending open houses. I met an amazing agent named Ed and we ended up buying our first house with him. He busted his butt to help; even coming to my work to sign this or that because I couldn’t leave – to say he was awesome is an understatement!
Because of his professionalism and personal commitment, I viewed this Real Estate world through rose colored glasses.  I learned all of the techniques, sales pitches and rules from a big brokerage, where I thought I needed to be. I wasn’t big enough and when I reached my limit and had finally earned an office not just a cubicle I was blown off by my Broker – I didn’t make millions for the office. I was then lured to another big brokerage, they offered me the recognition I thought I deserved. Ha! Not! Same Ole Same Ole!

So here I am in a small town office and finally I am home! Getting to know my town and the wonderful people here, I have learned quickly that I could be me : ) No longer did I need to be afraid of not being happy over a $50,000 or less deal. The people are so happy that I will work with them. I have heard from some of my clients that they have been told that what they wanted to buy or sell is too small of a dollar amount and therefore was not worth the agent’s time. Wrong – bad real estate agents!

I work as hard for ALL of my clients and have earned a very nice commission along the way. I listen in order to really learn the needs and dreams of my clients. Like a puzzle, buying or selling a home has a lot of pieces that need to fit into place. My duty is to guide all of my clients and to follow through with all of the information that I provide for them, from the first meeting to signing and after.
Now I can share all of the reviews that I have received from my happy clients who have become my friends. So, tell me your dream…all of it…then know that I will help you find what you are looking for.
No hurry, perfection can take time. Your perfect end result is the most important part for me.

I will donate $250.00 to a Good cause in your name when you do business with me!
If you don’t have one, here’s a list;
New beginnings
Guild school of Spokane
Wounded Warrier
Cheney Outreach
Under the bridge